Gig Rig 2/10/17

Played a duet gig in Laguna Beach. Used the LoPhat 1-10 3-way cab for the first time and couldn’t believe the low end acheived by a 1-10 cabinet. I powered it with my Form Factor Bi1000 amp head. 

Paul Tidwell of LoPhat is making great cabs and I love the fact that he’s not afraid to make a cabinet that is a little bigger and weighs a bit more to acheive actual BOTTOM END!!! Now when I say a little bigger I really mean just a little bigger, the 1-10 LoPhat cabinet is slightly larger than my Aguilar GS112, so it’s still super portable and relatively lightweight, I’ll sacrifice a little heft in the weight department to get some REAL bottom end from a cabinet. 

I also used my trusty Wilkins Road Tested WRTPJ5 which always sounds great and huge. 

The other thing I should mention about the LoPhat cabinets is that they’re 3-way cabs. So you’ll get the low end driver, a mid range driver and a horn/high end driver. The mid and high drivers always have an attenuator which looking at them as a boost and cut, like on an EQ or Preamp, dial in a killer tone. I was able to dial out just a bit of mids without using the EQ on my amp and it was perfect. 

So far the LoPhat Cabs live up to their name. 

Also I have to mention that my trusty Form Factor Bi1000 is the perfect amp to test with, big power and huge tone. One of the best and powerful heads out there. 

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