Fingerboard Basics Part 1: The Natural Notes

If you have been playing bass for a while and are still having trouble finding notes on your fretboard, this video will help you out. I cover the natural notes, A-B-C-D-E-F-G, and how they can easily be found on the fretboard. I’ll go over accidentals, sharps and flats, in Part 2…coming soon. *For 5 string or 6 string bassists, the same rules apply, just think about the note you’re starting on and what your next note is. Equipment Used: Sony a6000 Zoom H6 Rode NTG3 1968 Fender Jazz Bass

John East J Retro Bass Preamp in G&L JB Basses

The John East J-Retro is my favorite on-board bass preamp. It has killer warmth and is still growly. I’m playing two G&L JB basses. The JB5, Alder body & Ebony fingerboard, has stock G&L pickups and GHS Super Steel strings and the JB4, Ash body Maple fingerboard, has Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounder pickups and GHS Super Steel Strings. The bass was recorded direct through am A-Designs REDDI straight into a US Apollo and into Logic Audio.

Christopher Double Bass

Here’s a great Christopher Double Bass handmade by luthier David Smith of Smith Creek Mandolins.
This was a great bass to demo and play. I love the sound and playability of this instrument and it mimics a double bass very closely.
Please visit for complete specs on this awesome instrument and please check out the video that shows where the wood comes from to build this bass.…
I used my A Designs REDDI, Universal Audio 2-1176 and Apogee Duet and Tsunami Cables for the direct recording.
Thanks again to David Smith for loaning this great bass to The Bass Hang.

Sweet Relief Concert

I had the incredible opportunity to play with some amazing musicians and artists this past weekend. Weird Al, Jane Wiedlin, Corey Taylor, Scot Ian, Taking Back Sunday, and many many more.
Can’t even begin to express the fun had this past weekend with my music friends and family!!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience!!!
Huge thanks to Steve Fazio Erik Johnson Mike Lewis Walter Ino Jen Johnson Jimmy Keegan Karissa Noel Lisa Margaroli Steve Bonino
Proud to have shared the stage with you guys!! We did it!!!
This was a benefit concert for the Sweet Relief Musicians Charity Foundation, an incredible charity.