G&L Doheny Guitar Video Launch

I’ve been shooting and producing videos for G&L Guitars for over a year now and I have to say that shooting on a deadline for a new product launch is one of my favorite things to do!! I enjoy being under the gun and having to produce something visually and sonically appealing!!
This time its a brand new guitar model for G&L, it is their first dive int the Offset Style Guitar market, and it is an incredible guitar!!
I had my good friend, and amazing guitarist, Griff Hamlin demo the instrument and shot with my Canon 6D and t3i and used my Canon L Lenses, 24mm f1.4 and 24-105mm f4. Audio was captured with my Apogee Duet into a MacBook pro.

Music Video for Noah Ehler

New video coming soon for amazing upcoming artist Noah Christopher Ehler!!

Shot this video with a couple of Canon DSLR’s and Canon L Lenses. Audio was recorded by Chris Ehler. 

I absolutely love this song written by Noah Ehler. There will also be an electric version of the song. 

I will post links to the finished video soon!!

Sweet Relief Concert

I had the incredible opportunity to play with some amazing musicians and artists this past weekend. Weird Al, Jane Wiedlin, Corey Taylor, Scot Ian, Taking Back Sunday, and many many more.
Can’t even begin to express the fun had this past weekend with my music friends and family!!! Thanks for allowing me to be a part of this amazing experience!!!
Huge thanks to Steve Fazio Erik Johnson Mike Lewis Walter Ino Jen Johnson Jimmy Keegan Karissa Noel Lisa Margaroli Steve Bonino
Proud to have shared the stage with you guys!! We did it!!!
This was a benefit concert for the Sweet Relief Musicians Charity Foundation, an incredible charity.

A crazy weekend of gigs!!

Friday night with the house band at The Quiet Woman in Corona Del Mar and played the Wilkins all Roasted WRTJ4 with the Audere Preamp. This 4 string bass has so much soul and personality. I plugged directly into the house amp and it just thumped. The Audere preamp gave me enough control to get a killer sound without messing with the amps settings. 

Saturday night was an all 90’s themed wedding with the incredible Replicas Band!!! Basically played all 90’s music for a wedding!! No Funky-Brick-Brown!!! Haha!! I played my Roger 5 string Jazz bass through a GK MB800 head and a Schroeder 1512L cabinet. The sound was HUGE!!! The Roger is all pasisve and has a great organic woody tone. 

Then Sunday a killer Jazz Trio gig with the Dean Grech Trio, Dean Grech on guitar, Tony Torres on drums and me on double Bass. I used my GK MB800 amp and an ISI 110 cabinet. It was perfect. The ISI cabinet is a coaxial design that has a killer warm sound. 

Lemur Bass Hang and Gig Things 2/27/2017

Incredible passed few days!! Shot some great video for the MidWest Coast Band and for Form Factor Audio. Also used a 1968 Fender Jazz Bass on a few gigs and now know why these are so sought after, tone for days and just so fun to play. I’m still using the Audere Preamp as a standalone and will be mounting it into a box soon, possibly a cigar box.
The Lemur Music Bass Hang event was a huge success!! So many people participated and we had a great time mixing double basses with electric basses.

Audere JZ3 Pro Standalone Preamp

I received an Audere JZ3 Pro onboard preamp a few months ago and had it installed in my Colibri JBT 4 Bass. I absolutely loved the tone and the flexibility of the preamp and started thinking about being able to use this preamp as a standalone unit that could be used with any bass. So i removed it and wired a Switchcraft Jack, Hot of the preamp to tip of the Jack and then wired the grounds together…..its amazing!! I’ve been hauling it around in the state you see it in now, and gigging with it quite a bit and absolutely love the tone. Next I will be mounting it into a nice little box so that the circuitry and preamp is protected.
I’ve used a couple of passive Jazz basses and a vintage P bass with the preamp with killer results.
I really hope that Audere will offer a version of their onboard preamps as a standalone unit, they would have a winner!!
By the way for you geeks out there…….I wired the Audere Neck-HOT to Tip(+) of the Switchcraft Jack and the Neck-Common to the Sleeve(-) of the Switchcraft Jack. I also pan the pickups to all Neck position.
It’s a great set up and I’m now searching for a mounting box!!

Gig Rig 2/10/17

Played a duet gig in Laguna Beach. Used the LoPhat 1-10 3-way cab for the first time and couldn’t believe the low end acheived by a 1-10 cabinet. I powered it with my Form Factor Bi1000 amp head. 

Paul Tidwell of LoPhat is making great cabs and I love the fact that he’s not afraid to make a cabinet that is a little bigger and weighs a bit more to acheive actual BOTTOM END!!! Now when I say a little bigger I really mean just a little bigger, the 1-10 LoPhat cabinet is slightly larger than my Aguilar GS112, so it’s still super portable and relatively lightweight, I’ll sacrifice a little heft in the weight department to get some REAL bottom end from a cabinet. 

I also used my trusty Wilkins Road Tested WRTPJ5 which always sounds great and huge. 

The other thing I should mention about the LoPhat cabinets is that they’re 3-way cabs. So you’ll get the low end driver, a mid range driver and a horn/high end driver. The mid and high drivers always have an attenuator which looking at them as a boost and cut, like on an EQ or Preamp, dial in a killer tone. I was able to dial out just a bit of mids without using the EQ on my amp and it was perfect. 

So far the LoPhat Cabs live up to their name. 

Also I have to mention that my trusty Form Factor Bi1000 is the perfect amp to test with, big power and huge tone. One of the best and powerful heads out there. 

Bass Hang Day at Lemur Music

Link to Lemur Bass Hang Event

Bass Hang Day at Lemur Music, San Juan Capistrano, is going to happen on Saturday February 25 from 11am-3pm.
Double Bass and Electric Bass United!!!
Lemur Music has been one of the premiere Double Bass shops on the West Coast for decades!! Their selection of everything from new and used instruments to sheet music is immense. They also have one of the best repair shops too, specializing in Double and Electric Bass.
Link to Lemur Bass Hang Event
There will be gear and giveaways and gear. Did I mention…..GEAR!!!
So far we will have gear from:
A-Designs Audio
Wilkins Basses
Form Factor Amplification
Ulyate Pickups
Lo Phat Cabinets
Tsunami Cables
Singletouch Guitars

Link to Lemur Bass Hang Event
I will keep adding to the list as it grows.
Please feel free to share this event!!