Bass Hang Day at Lemur Music

Link to Lemur Bass Hang Event

Bass Hang Day at Lemur Music, San Juan Capistrano, is going to happen on Saturday February 25 from 11am-3pm.
Double Bass and Electric Bass United!!!
Lemur Music has been one of the premiere Double Bass shops on the West Coast for decades!! Their selection of everything from new and used instruments to sheet music is immense. They also have one of the best repair shops too, specializing in Double and Electric Bass.
Link to Lemur Bass Hang Event
There will be gear and giveaways and gear. Did I mention…..GEAR!!!
So far we will have gear from:
A-Designs Audio
Wilkins Basses
Form Factor Amplification
Ulyate Pickups
Lo Phat Cabinets
Tsunami Cables
Singletouch Guitars

Link to Lemur Bass Hang Event
I will keep adding to the list as it grows.
Please feel free to share this event!!

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