Audere JZ3 Pro Standalone Preamp

I received an Audere JZ3 Pro onboard preamp a few months ago and had it installed in my Colibri JBT 4 Bass. I absolutely loved the tone and the flexibility of the preamp and started thinking about being able to use this preamp as a standalone unit that could be used with any bass. So i removed it and wired a Switchcraft Jack, Hot of the preamp to tip of the Jack and then wired the grounds together…..its amazing!! I’ve been hauling it around in the state you see it in now, and gigging with it quite a bit and absolutely love the tone. Next I will be mounting it into a nice little box so that the circuitry and preamp is protected.
I’ve used a couple of passive Jazz basses and a vintage P bass with the preamp with killer results.
I really hope that Audere will offer a version of their onboard preamps as a standalone unit, they would have a winner!!
By the way for you geeks out there…….I wired the Audere Neck-HOT to Tip(+) of the Switchcraft Jack and the Neck-Common to the Sleeve(-) of the Switchcraft Jack. I also pan the pickups to all Neck position.
It’s a great set up and I’m now searching for a mounting box!!

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