A crazy weekend of gigs!!

Friday night with the house band at The Quiet Woman in Corona Del Mar and played the Wilkins all Roasted WRTJ4 with the Audere Preamp. This 4 string bass has so much soul and personality. I plugged directly into the house amp and it just thumped. The Audere preamp gave me enough control to get a killer sound without messing with the amps settings. 

Saturday night was an all 90’s themed wedding with the incredible Replicas Band!!! Basically played all 90’s music for a wedding!! No Funky-Brick-Brown!!! Haha!! I played my Roger 5 string Jazz bass through a GK MB800 head and a Schroeder 1512L cabinet. The sound was HUGE!!! The Roger is all pasisve and has a great organic woody tone. 

Then Sunday a killer Jazz Trio gig with the Dean Grech Trio, Dean Grech on guitar, Tony Torres on drums and me on double Bass. I used my GK MB800 amp and an ISI 110 cabinet. It was perfect. The ISI cabinet is a coaxial design that has a killer warm sound. 

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